I turned my ears off!!!

So today I was driving Felipe to school and he asked if it rained all night. I told him that I wasn’t sure because I went to sleep early. He then tells me that he doesn’t know either because when he goes to sleep he turns his ears off and turns them back on when he wakes up.

The funniest thing was that he was grabbing his ears and turning then like if they were a volume knob.

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DIY Memory Box

I’m participating in Smarty Pants Mama’s SmartMamaLUTION.

SmartMama-Lution #1 is a do-it-yourself memory box.  I loved the box she used but since I couldn’t find it I chose a CD storage case.  I decided on the storage box because when I went to Target and the only one that I liked was actually the same one my friend was using.  I ended up buying mine at Walmart along with 5×7 index cards.  I figured the larger cards would give me more space to write and also be able to include various years on one card.

For less than $12 (the box was $2.99, the index cards were $1.88 per pack and the divider tabs were $2.00) and about an hour (sorry but I am a perfectionist) I finished my box.

I have finished filling in all my cards to date and will continue to do so every night just before bedtime.

What do you think? 
All the tabs are evenly distributed and I also made sure that certain months got specific colors but they are all alternating in the same pattern. I did say I was a perfectionist.
All in all I love how cute and easy it was to create this memory box.  I just wish I would have known about this idea before my kids were born… It would have made it easier to remember when they did something specific.

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Thanksgiving at Felipe’s School

Today they had a small Thanksgiving feast at Felipe’s school.  I attended just because I like to be an involved parent but I was not aware that the kids had prepared a small presentation for the parents.  They sang 10 little indians and Mr Turkey.  Some were dressed like indians and others like pilgrims.  My little one was an indian.

Video of Felipe and his classmates singing

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Felipe the Mechanic

A conversation that took place on my way to pick up Adrian at work…

Felipe: Why we pick up daddy?

Me:  Because daddy’s car is broken…

Felipe: Why?

Me:  His window doesn’t close.

Felipe:  Why?

Me:  I think the motor that closes the window is broken.

Felipe:  OH!  I know what happened…. The crocodiles ate motor…

Once we got to the shopping center where Adrian works…

Me: I wonder why the lights are all out.

Felipe:  It’s windy… They are cold BRRRRRR.

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Emily’s Birthday Party

Today Felipe attended his classmates birthday party… The first of many to come.  It was really nice to see him interact with his classmates.  They all had lots of fun running around and jumping in the bounce house, they got even more excited when the pony rides and petting zoo arrived.  Felipe immediately rushed over to stand in line for the pony rides.  After his pony ride he feed some of the animals but when the kids started getting wild with the animals he continued playing in the bounce house.

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Trip to the train museum

Yesterday we saw in the weekend section of the newspaper that the Goldcoast Railroad Museum had free admission the first Saturday of every month so we decided to take the kids.

When we first got there the kids seemed a bit bored but they quickly started seeming a bit more curious about all the trains. They really enjoyed the model train room.

Once we finished walking around we rode on the link train which was a huge hit with the kids.


Fireball Express

Today while driving around with the kids I noticed a Miami Heat Flag at a school we past. As I kept on driving I also saw a firetruck with the Heat logo so curiosity got the best of me and I made a U-turn. I parked in front of the school and got off the car with camera in hand. I took a few photos of Felipe with the truck and then spoke to a guy who was picking up.  He informed me that it had been Heat Day and that they had taken over the school for the day.


Alegria’s Visit

Adrian’s cousin Alegria was visit Miami this past week and today they went to the zoo… I was a short trip because Adrian had to go to work in the afternoon but they had lots of fun. Alegria had lots of fun taking pictures with my camera and she also fed a giraffe. Hopefully Felipe and I will be able to go to the zoo soon. We both missed this little trip because he was in school and I was working.