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Felipe the Mechanic

A conversation that took place on my way to pick up Adrian at work…

Felipe: Why we pick up daddy?

Me:  Because daddy’s car is broken…

Felipe: Why?

Me:  His window doesn’t close.

Felipe:  Why?

Me:  I think the motor that closes the window is broken.

Felipe:  OH!  I know what happened…. The crocodiles ate motor…

Once we got to the shopping center where Adrian works…

Me: I wonder why the lights are all out.

Felipe:  It’s windy… They are cold BRRRRRR.


A day at the Park

Today we took Felipe to a park by my mother-in-law’s house called Women’s Park. It is very small but it has a walking path that goes around a lake. It was really relaxing to just go and walk around while looking at the ducks. At one point we saw a mother duck with about 10 ducklings… Felipe wanted to jump out of the stroller to grab them.

After we finished walking around the lake we took Felipe to the playground. He loves to go on the swings and I also took him on a slide.



Today we went to Ryan’s birthday party, he was turning 7. During the party I accompanied Amanda to a playground so that Matthew could play, unfortunately Felipe was taking a nap so I couldn’t take him with us. While at the playground, I saw that they had baby swings so I told Amanda that later on I wanted to bring Felipe. Towards the end of the party I decided I would escape for a bit and take Felipe to the swings. As I was walking over to the playground I kept on thinking how Felipe would react to the swing. When I first sat him down he started analyzing the strange contraption but it didn’t take long for him to start enjoying it and he even liked to be pushed… YAY!!! He has ridden his first swing.


Baby Pool – Can you guess when Felipe Ignacio will be born? – UPDATED

During the baby shower I was going to play a game called Baby Pool (Can you guess when Felipe Ignacio will be born?) but we didn’t have time.

A few days ago I received an email from a friend who suggested that I do it via email and then whoever guesses correctly will receive a prize.

Please note that it isn’t who guesses my due date correctly it is who guesses when Felipe Ignacio is ACTUALLY born.

Here are the guesses I have received as of 07/04/2007:

Amanda Dufau – July 12, 2007 – 2:23 pm
Lisa Dinino – July 13, 2007 – 12:14 pm
Renato Rivadeneira – July 16, 2007 – 12:00 am
Claudia Rivadeneira – July 18, 2007 – 7:18 pm
Vicente Alvarado – July 18, 2007 – 8:30 pm
Mery Castro – July 19, 2007 – 9:15 am
Lilyan Lam – July 20, 2007 – 10:15 am
Cristina Beltran – July 20, 2007 – 1:55 pm
Dany Beltran – July 21, 2007 – 12:00 am
Maria Martinez – July 23, 2007 – 3:00 pm
Guillermo Orozco – July 25, 2007 – 3:45 am
Marilu Mejia – July 25, 2007 – 5:30 am
Tania Gradiz – July 25, 2007 – 11:30 am
Mary Lou Rodriguez – July 25, 2007 – 1:15 pm
Dora Castro – July 26, 2007 – 5:00 am
Laura Rosenberg – July 26, 2007 – 7:36 pm
Elena Puig – July 28, 2007 – 3:30 pm
Maria Eugenia Saenz – July 29, 2007 – 7:00 pm
Emily Cruz – July 29, 2007 – 9:45 pm
Jannette Alvarado – July 30, 2007 – 10:45 am
Graciela Castro – July 30, 2007 – 2:00 pm
Alexandra Castro – July 31, 2007 – 6:15 am
Gilda Castro – August 1, 2007 – 10:00 am
Francisco Guillen – August 1, 2007 – 10:00 pm
Raul Castro – August 2, 2007 – 12:50 am
Kristy Quereau – August 2, 2007 – 10:57 am
Emily Nervins – August 2, 2007 – 3:30 pm
Laura Orozco – August 3, 2007 – 11:35 pm


Baby Shower Preparations Continue…

The baby shower preparations continue on their path and the invitations have been sent out.

The completion of the invitations took a bit longer than I expected because between work and this baby I could not get everything done quickly. I guess that is the price you have to pay when you design every little aspect of the invitation and enclosures.

I will continue to post more shower news as it becomes available.