First Day of School

How time flies… I can’t believe that today Felipe started 4th grade and Francesca goes to 2nd.  I feel like just yesterday I was dropping Felipe off in Pre-K.  This school year will bring new adventures as they both embark on a voyage through the Gifted Program.  I will try to continue to post on a more regular basis. Until next time!

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The school year has ended!!!

Today was Felipe’s last day of Kindergarten…

Felipe and Alessandra
Felipe and Salome

You would think that he was happy school was over but that was far from the truth… He was actually very upset because he wouldn’t get to see any of his friends anymore especially his “girlfriends” Alessandra and Salome. Mind you, Salome is a fifth-grader that was always saying hello to him whenever she saw him.

The only joyful thing about Felipe ending school is that Francesca started doing a happy dance because that meant that come August she was starting school also.  I have never seen a child so excited to start school.

Now as the summer begins and the kids enjoy their time off I have the task of purchasing school supplies for two kids.  I am so excited that both my children will be enjoying school next year.

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Thanksgiving at Felipe’s School

Today they had a small Thanksgiving feast at Felipe’s school.  I attended just because I like to be an involved parent but I was not aware that the kids had prepared a small presentation for the parents.  They sang 10 little indians and Mr Turkey.  Some were dressed like indians and others like pilgrims.  My little one was an indian.

Video of Felipe and his classmates singing

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Pajama Day

Felipe and his friend Enrique

I just dropped off Felipe at school and he was wearing his pajamas… No I did not forget to change him.  Today was Pajama Day at school and if you paid $1 to the United Way they could wear pajamas.  I didn’t think many kids would do it but about 90% of the school were in their PJs including some teachers.

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Felipe’s 1st Day of School

I can’t believe this day finally arrived… Today was Felipe’s first day of school. He was very excited to finally be starting school. I thought it was going to be a difficult day for both of us but it went very smoothly. I think the person that was most affected was Francesca. She was asking for her brother the whole time that he was in school.
He must have had an exhausting 1st day because he fell asleep at around 4:30 pm and hasn’t woken up yet.  Let’s hope he doesn’t wake up later and be all full of energy.

Now I leave you with a link to his 1st Day of School photo album.