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Happy 4th Birthday Princess!!!

Four years ago to the minute mommy and daddy were on their way out to Costco to buy a few things to celebrate your brother’s 2nd birthday.  We had waited to the last minute because we did not know when you would make your grand entrance.  Little did I know that we would never make it there because you wanted to get out.  My contractions started at around 11:15 am and 12 hours later I was holding you in my arms.

Today, my princess, I wanted to wish you the best in everything you do.

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Am I vertically challenged???

Today I was taking Felipe to school and since I didn’t have to go to work I had Francesca with me also in the car.

The conversation goes like this…

Felipe:  Is daddy 37?
Me: Yes
Felipe: Why is daddy not like you?
Me:  He is, I am also 37.
Felipe: No, why isn’t daddy like you?
Francesca: What… Tiny?
They both start to laugh and I call Adrian to tell him and he tells me that I am not tiny I am just vertically challenged.

The most interesting part of all this is that I still don’t know what Felipe meant by his question.

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DIY Memory Box

I’m participating in Smarty Pants Mama’s SmartMamaLUTION.

SmartMama-Lution #1 is a do-it-yourself memory box.  I loved the box she used but since I couldn’t find it I chose a CD storage case.  I decided on the storage box because when I went to Target and the only one that I liked was actually the same one my friend was using.  I ended up buying mine at Walmart along with 5×7 index cards.  I figured the larger cards would give me more space to write and also be able to include various years on one card.

For less than $12 (the box was $2.99, the index cards were $1.88 per pack and the divider tabs were $2.00) and about an hour (sorry but I am a perfectionist) I finished my box.

I have finished filling in all my cards to date and will continue to do so every night just before bedtime.

What do you think? 
All the tabs are evenly distributed and I also made sure that certain months got specific colors but they are all alternating in the same pattern. I did say I was a perfectionist.
All in all I love how cute and easy it was to create this memory box.  I just wish I would have known about this idea before my kids were born… It would have made it easier to remember when they did something specific.

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Trip to the train museum

Yesterday we saw in the weekend section of the newspaper that the Goldcoast Railroad Museum had free admission the first Saturday of every month so we decided to take the kids.

When we first got there the kids seemed a bit bored but they quickly started seeming a bit more curious about all the trains. They really enjoyed the model train room.

Once we finished walking around we rode on the link train which was a huge hit with the kids.

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Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween.  This year we didn’t do much because unfortunately Felipe had bronchitis and a double ear infection so we played it safe and stayed home considering it was drizzling.

Eventhough we didn’t go out I did dress them up in their costumes so my mom could see them.  She had bought them matching superhero costumes so I thought it was only fair for her to enjoy seeing them.  She came over and brought them some candy.

Early in the day Felipe had a small party at school with all his classmates.  They did a little parade around all the school and then ended in their own classrooms for their parties.

Take a look at a selection of photos I took today: Halloween Photo Album

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Francesca’s New Bed

We finally gave up and got Francesca a toddler bed. 

We wanted to wait a bit longer but realized that she already knew how to climb into her crib so there wasn’t anything stopping her from trying to climb out of her crib.  As many of you know her crib is up on a platform above Felipe’s bed so that last thing we wanted was her going head first onto the floor.

So yesterday we went and got her a toddler bed. Tonight will be her first night in her new bed.  Let’s hope she has a good night.  I will keep you posted.

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Bob the Builder – We can build it!

Today was Target Free Friday at the Miami Children’s Museum so I decided to take the kids to see the Bob the Builder exhibit.

Since this was the last Friday before Felipe started school I thought it might be a nice treat.  Since they had never really played at this museum before, the few times we have gone they were too little to enjoy anything, I wasn’t sure if they would actually enjoy it.  Well to my surprise they both enjoyed the museum lot and we were there for almost 4 hours.  Felipe didn’t want to leave the Firefighter section but I had to drag him out so he could see the rest of the exhibits.  Once we got to the Bob the Builder section they both started playing with all the blocks and playsets.

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New and Improved Playroom

The full view of the room
Truck and Tractor parking lot

The kids finally have a playroom that can be a mess and we won’t care…. As their birthday present we decided to convert the garage into a playroom for them.
It took a bit to complete but now the kids have a room to play in and we have our sunken livingroom back.

As you can see from the pictures we have foam tiles on the floor and we used my aunt’s old kitchen cabinets for storage.  Let’s hope it is always this organized.

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Happy First Birthday Princess

A year ago today, at this exact time, Francesca joined our family.

Dear Francesca,

It’s been a year of happiness not only for daddy and me but also for all those that have gotten to know you.

For the past week all your daddy and I can say is “Can you believe it’s been a year?”. Although it seems like time has flown by, we can definitely say that we have enjoyed every minute that we have been with you.

Today you are turnig one and you have taken us on a roller coaster ride like no other.  Eventhough we already went through all this with your brother I can definitely say that it has been a different experience.

Together we’ve experienced: baby kicks, ultrasounds, heartburn, breastfeeding, burping, sleepless night, co-sleeping, exhaustion, diaper changes, explosive poops, constipation, getting pooped on the hand, baths, first bath, First Halloween, First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First New Year’s, Your Baptism, First Valentine’s Day, First St Patty’s Day, First Easter, First 4th of July, leaving to work in the mornings while you are crying for me, booger bubbles, gases, long nails, fussiness, scratches, SIDS obsessions, bottom teeth, homemade baby food, lots of pictures, First trip to the zoo, First car trip, First time at the beach, First time in the ocean, laughs, bumps, bruises, scratches, standing in the crib, biting, drooling, slobbery kisses, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, standing, face landings, sleeping through the night, tantrums, giggles, mama, dada, saliva bubbles, rocking you to sleep, singing you to sleep, multiple pediatrician appointments, clapping, peekaboo, screaming, squeals of delight, tickles, waving bye-bye, first dip in the pool, Mother’s day, Father’s Day … and your first birthday!

Wow, my precious, it must have been an exhausting year for you.

Happy 1st Birthday Francesca!!!

I love you my princess and with every day that passes, I love you even more. I’m looking forward to the next year of “adventures” with you.