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We got a pool

img_1837Today we just wanted to relax after Felipe’s first communion. Adrian told me that he was going to Big Lots to buy something to attach to the hose so the kids could play. When he came back he had an above ground pool in his trunk. The kids were so happy that they couldn’t wait for it to be filled up.

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Happy 4th Birthday Princess!!!

Four years ago to the minute mommy and daddy were on their way out to Costco to buy a few things to celebrate your brother’s 2nd birthday.  We had waited to the last minute because we did not know when you would make your grand entrance.  Little did I know that we would never make it there because you wanted to get out.  My contractions started at around 11:15 am and 12 hours later I was holding you in my arms.

Today, my princess, I wanted to wish you the best in everything you do.

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What is a Baby Shower????

This past Saturday I attended a friend’s baby shower.  The day that I got the invitation I showed it to Adrian and told him about it.  The kids overheard me so they asked what a Baby Shower was. Then with all the innocence that exists in their mind and hearts they came up with their own answer…  Apparently at a baby shower you get a baby and each guests showers a different part of the child.

I thought it was so funny but I explained to them that you “shower” the parents-to-be with gifts for the new baby they are expecting… They understood that it was a party so I left it at that but a few days later when I went to buy the gifts Francesca insisted I buy shampoo and soap because that is what you need for a shower.  So it was the running joke, whenever someone me about my plans for Saturday I would say that I was going to shower a baby.

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DIY Memory Box

I’m participating in Smarty Pants Mama’s SmartMamaLUTION.

SmartMama-Lution #1 is a do-it-yourself memory box.  I loved the box she used but since I couldn’t find it I chose a CD storage case.  I decided on the storage box because when I went to Target and the only one that I liked was actually the same one my friend was using.  I ended up buying mine at Walmart along with 5×7 index cards.  I figured the larger cards would give me more space to write and also be able to include various years on one card.

For less than $12 (the box was $2.99, the index cards were $1.88 per pack and the divider tabs were $2.00) and about an hour (sorry but I am a perfectionist) I finished my box.

I have finished filling in all my cards to date and will continue to do so every night just before bedtime.

What do you think? 
All the tabs are evenly distributed and I also made sure that certain months got specific colors but they are all alternating in the same pattern. I did say I was a perfectionist.
All in all I love how cute and easy it was to create this memory box.  I just wish I would have known about this idea before my kids were born… It would have made it easier to remember when they did something specific.


Alegria’s Visit

Adrian’s cousin Alegria was visit Miami this past week and today they went to the zoo… I was a short trip because Adrian had to go to work in the afternoon but they had lots of fun. Alegria had lots of fun taking pictures with my camera and she also fed a giraffe. Hopefully Felipe and I will be able to go to the zoo soon. We both missed this little trip because he was in school and I was working.
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Happy 90th Birthday

Today I want to wish Maria, my mom’s mother-in-law, a Happy 90th Birthday.  Eventhough her birthday was a few days ago today we had a big celebration for her with family and friends.

It was a surprise party and it turned out great.  At first when she arrived she didn’t realize it was for her…  She said hi to everyone and then when she finally sat down she looks at my mom and asks “Is this party really for me?”.

It was nice to be able to celebrate such a huge milestone.

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10 years have passed but it seems like yesterday

March 21, 2000 will be forever etched in my mind as a very sad day. On this day 10 years ago I lost a very special man, my maternal grandfather. Panchito was a great husband, father and grandfather I sometimes wish that he was still around to play with my kids. I am sure he would have shown them as much love as he had for his grandkids.

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