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Happy 4th Birthday Princess!!!

Four years ago to the minute mommy and daddy were on their way out to Costco to buy a few things to celebrate your brother’s 2nd birthday.  We had waited to the last minute because we did not know when you would make your grand entrance.  Little did I know that we would never make it there because you wanted to get out.  My contractions started at around 11:15 am and 12 hours later I was holding you in my arms.

Today, my princess, I wanted to wish you the best in everything you do.

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Emily’s Birthday Party

Today Felipe attended his classmates birthday party… The first of many to come.  It was really nice to see him interact with his classmates.  They all had lots of fun running around and jumping in the bounce house, they got even more excited when the pony rides and petting zoo arrived.  Felipe immediately rushed over to stand in line for the pony rides.  After his pony ride he feed some of the animals but when the kids started getting wild with the animals he continued playing in the bounce house.

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Happy 90th Birthday

Today I want to wish Maria, my mom’s mother-in-law, a Happy 90th Birthday.  Eventhough her birthday was a few days ago today we had a big celebration for her with family and friends.

It was a surprise party and it turned out great.  At first when she arrived she didn’t realize it was for her…  She said hi to everyone and then when she finally sat down she looks at my mom and asks “Is this party really for me?”.

It was nice to be able to celebrate such a huge milestone.

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Happy Birthday Chris & Jordan

Today was Christian and Jordan’s Toy Story birthday party…

It started out as a very normal kid’s birthday party, there was a bounce house, candy, and a clown doing face painting.

You might ask yourself why I am saying these things…

Well let me tell you the story of what happened a little while after singing Happy Birthday. It had started to rain so people were leaving but all of a sudden it starts to rain REALLY HARD. The party was in one of those park shelters that have a roof but no walls so everyone is trying to stay dry but the wind is just starting to blow really hard. It seemed like we were in the middle of a mini hurricane. At this point the kids are screaming cuz they are scared, everything including the food and party favors are starting to fly around and the bounce house is now about 100 yards from where it first started. Luckily this storm was only like 15 minutes long but it seemed like an eternity. Once everything calmed down we started to pick up things off the floor and the grass. This is when we notice that a tree must have been hit by lightning because it was split down the middle.

I think it is safe to say that this party will be remember for years to come by all the kids.


Happy 3rd Birthday Pipe!!!

My baby boy today you turn 3 and it is amazing how much you have changed in just one year. You now know your name even though you don’t pronounce it correctly (Pipe Nato pillio Mimo), you take care of your little sister, and you try to do things on your own. Daddy and I are preparing ourselves for the new adventures that will come our way.

We love you Pipe!!!

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Happy First Birthday Princess

A year ago today, at this exact time, Francesca joined our family.

Dear Francesca,

It’s been a year of happiness not only for daddy and me but also for all those that have gotten to know you.

For the past week all your daddy and I can say is “Can you believe it’s been a year?”. Although it seems like time has flown by, we can definitely say that we have enjoyed every minute that we have been with you.

Today you are turnig one and you have taken us on a roller coaster ride like no other.  Eventhough we already went through all this with your brother I can definitely say that it has been a different experience.

Together we’ve experienced: baby kicks, ultrasounds, heartburn, breastfeeding, burping, sleepless night, co-sleeping, exhaustion, diaper changes, explosive poops, constipation, getting pooped on the hand, baths, first bath, First Halloween, First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First New Year’s, Your Baptism, First Valentine’s Day, First St Patty’s Day, First Easter, First 4th of July, leaving to work in the mornings while you are crying for me, booger bubbles, gases, long nails, fussiness, scratches, SIDS obsessions, bottom teeth, homemade baby food, lots of pictures, First trip to the zoo, First car trip, First time at the beach, First time in the ocean, laughs, bumps, bruises, scratches, standing in the crib, biting, drooling, slobbery kisses, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, standing, face landings, sleeping through the night, tantrums, giggles, mama, dada, saliva bubbles, rocking you to sleep, singing you to sleep, multiple pediatrician appointments, clapping, peekaboo, screaming, squeals of delight, tickles, waving bye-bye, first dip in the pool, Mother’s day, Father’s Day … and your first birthday!

Wow, my precious, it must have been an exhausting year for you.

Happy 1st Birthday Francesca!!!

I love you my princess and with every day that passes, I love you even more. I’m looking forward to the next year of “adventures” with you.



I got my birthday present today!!!

Today I finally bought myself the Ipod Touch.

This gadget is great has many cool apps. The first I looked for was one that would allow me to post to my blog .

Sometimes it is difficult to type correctly but once I get the hang of it I am sure I will be quick.

Let’s hope I can pit this device to good use.

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Happy Birthday Christian & Jordan

Today we had a fun filled day at the park to celebrate Christian & Jordan’s Birthday. Felipe really enjoyed himself running around and playing in the bounce house.

It was a lovely day until a really strong wind hit and everyone thought that it was the end of the party but it all went back to normal. Of course, the party favors fell and the boucehouse almost toppled over.

The theme of the party was Spiderman (or Spierman like Felipe likes to say). Claudia had gone all out and gotten banners with both kids’ names, she made the party favor bags that had a Spiderman face on the front. She did have a small mishap with the cake, the bakery put Happy Birthday Anthony, but in the end it made for a funny story.