Kindergarten · School

The school year has ended!!!

Today was Felipe’s last day of Kindergarten…

Felipe and Alessandra
Felipe and Salome

You would think that he was happy school was over but that was far from the truth… He was actually very upset because he wouldn’t get to see any of his friends anymore especially his “girlfriends” Alessandra and Salome. Mind you, Salome is a fifth-grader that was always saying hello to him whenever she saw him.

The only joyful thing about Felipe ending school is that Francesca started doing a happy dance because that meant that come August she was starting school also.  I have never seen a child so excited to start school.

Now as the summer begins and the kids enjoy their time off I have the task of purchasing school supplies for two kids.  I am so excited that both my children will be enjoying school next year.


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